Agri Farm Implements

Motorized knapsack sprayer is a highly versatile sprayer of 15 litre capacity with a petrol driven motor suitable for small scale, large scale farming or greenhouses where spot spraying is required.The knapsack sprayer is 16 ltr capacity, made using the highest quality material, It has an extendable stainless steel lance. spare parts like sprayer kits, lance, black pipe ,triggers and pump handles are available.


Machetes Wooden Handles

Machetes with wood handle

Gardening Hoes (Jembe)

Durable gardening hoes

Cutter Mattocks (Pickaxe)

Versatile hand tool, cutter mattocks can be used for digging and chopping.

Chaff Cutters

Manual and Motorised durable high quality chaff cutter for cutting hay and straw into uniform pieces before feeding to cattle.


Steel sickle with wood handle.

Grass Slashers

Durable grass slashers with handle.


Steel pick head (handle not included)

Motorised Corn Thresher

High yielding motorised / electronic corn thresher (sheller) to shell corn without breaking the kernals. Also known as maize threshing machine.

Garden Rakes

R103 16T garden rake with 16 tines.

Matchets (Plastic Handles)

Machetes with plastic handle

Seed Dispensers

Seed spreader for fast and even coverage.

Wheel Barrows

High quality and durable plastic and metal construction wheel barrows.

Shovel (Spade)

Steel shovel with wood handle.

Knapsack Sprayer

Elgon brand Knapsack sprayers evenly distribute liquid nutrients and water efficiently and effectively. See our BLOG for detailed information:

Fork Hoes (Jembe)

Steel fork hoes (jembe) for gardening use.


Panga with wood handle

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